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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Andy is an award winning cameraman who is often called an artist. He sees things others don't and can conjure up visual feasts for the senses with his high quality camerawork. He is not just inspiring to work with but he has a great sense of humour and used to write comedy before he realised he needed to get out more! 

His proudest claim to fame, apart from his BAFTA nomination for Photography and a Grierson award on his mantelpiece, is the fact that he was quoted by Professor Jim Al Khalili on BBC Radio 4's "Quote Unquote". 

​If there is travel involved - he is definitely your man. He has travelled the world shooting and directing films, documentaries and dramas. He is a Northerner, whose spiritual homes are the Yorkshire Dales and Uganda where he spent his childhood.  Now stuck in the South of England.

He has a dog who has also featured in many of his adverts and corporate videos - so if you need a mad wheaten terrier in any filming it would make both their days!

Based outside the M25 in Buckinghamshire



Photography Nomination 




The Goodbye




Best Science documentary

Royal Television Society

Oak Tree: Natures Greatest Survivor

Grierson Award 2016

Best Science Documentary

Oak Tree: Natures Greatest Survivor

BAFTA Nomination 2014

Best Factual Photography 

Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams


EMMY Nomination

How We Got to Now: Ep1

Academy Award (OSCAR) Shortlist

Best Live Action Short Film

The Goodbye Plane

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